Japanese Umbrella Pine – Sciadopitys Verticillata


General: An outstanding tree with unusual, thick, glossy needles. Slow growing when young but eventually reaches a striking conical shape. It will grow to about 20-30′ in height and 15-20′ in spread.

Leaves: The thick, glossy double needles grow in layers of whorls around the stems.

Cones: Cones, 2 to 4″ long and 1 to 2″ wide.

Bark: Interesting exfoliating bark but barely visible through the foliage in some specimens. It is reddish brown with vertical fissures.

Attributes: This is a very handsome evergreen tree that will add interesting texture to your landscape and is completely care free.


Hardiness:  Zone 5 to 7, although it prefers the cooler limit.

Growing Conditions: Prefers full sun and rich, acidic soils.

Maintenance: No regular pruning necessary and no insect or disease problems.

Transplanting: Balled and burlapped or from container anytime, except when in new growth.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill
Great, no problems! Growth is slow for a couple of years until well established then takes off.

Historical Winter Data
Winter 2016-17: 
No issues

Winter 2017-18: We had heavy wet snows this winter and a specimen of ours with multiple leaders experienced some damage. Pruning to maintain a strong central leader should be encouraged to reduce risk of potential snow damage.