Perennials are flowering, non woody plants that regenerate for more than two  seasons. This differentiates them from shorter lived flowering annuals (one season), or biennials (two seasons). Perennial plants can be orchestrated to provide an ever changing variety of color throughout the growing season. Depending on the native habitat of the perennial, it may be planted as an annual in certain zones.

Dividing perennial plants can increase the amount of a single breed of plant in your garden. The more you divide your perennial plants, the more vast your garden will grow. Plan to divide your perennials around the months of September and October. Frequency of division depends on the growing tendency of the plant.

We’ve arranged our flowering perennials based on peak bloom time: Spring, Summer, Fall. We have also included categories for perennials valued for their foliage such as ferns and bamboo and perennials used for ground coverage.

Spring Flowering


Summer Flowering


Fall Flowering