A tree is a woody plant living more than a single growing season with a permanently woody stem or trunk that supports branches. All trees are perennial plants and many tree varieties live for tens or even hundreds of years. According to Scientists at the Botanic Gardens Conservation International, there are over 60,000 tree species in the world,  In this section, we are highlighting the various trees that we have grown and maintained on Great Hill.

Trees usually reproduce using seeds through the presence of flowers and fruits. Some trees, however, such as conifers, reproduce by way of pollen and seed cones. Trees reduce erosion, moderate the climate, provide a habitat for a number of animal species and add a beautiful aesthetic to the landscape.  Planting a tree is an investment and its longevity depends on the type of tree, its location, planting practices and maintenance.  Below, we have categorized our trees into three different sections based on their characteristics.  Explore each section to learn more.

Evergreen Trees

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Conifers