Japanese Cedar- Cryptomeria Japonica


General: This is a stately and graceful conifer growing to 50-60′ in height and 20-30′ in width. It is single stemmed and conical in shape.

Leaves: Needles are bright green in summer, turning slightly bronze in winter, especially in windy locations. They grow in a spiral arrangement along the stems and are evergreen.

Cones: Cones, approximately 1/2″ in diameter growing on the end of the stems.

Bark: Beautiful cedar-like bark, reddish brown, visible through branches in older specimens.

Attributes: We love this tree. We use them in large groups as a great background and screen in our Japanese garden. Because of its beauty it can also be used as a single specimen.



Hardiness:  Zones 5- 8.

Growing Conditions:  Likes sunny to part-sun locations, a rich , light acidic soil with plenty of moisture preferred.

Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free.

Transplanting: Balled and burlapped anytime, except when in new growth.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill
Even though we are on the northern boundary for this plant’s hardiness tolerance, we are able to grow it without dieback most years. We recommend growing it in a location that is not exposed to high wind.

Historical Winter Data
Winter 2016-17: 
No major issues this past winter. Some of our mature specimens took on a deep purplish-brown color, but that proved to be normal as there was no issue once winter was over.

Winter 2017-18: We did have a couple leaders snap under heavy, wet snow load in March.