Golden Larch – Pseudolarix amabilis


General: A slow growing tree with conical shape. The Golden Larch will get to be 30-60′ in the landscape but could reach to 100’+ in the wild. Native to China, it has the appearance of a larch but the needles are longer and the cones are different.

Leaves: soft needles with light green above and blue-green color below, turning golden yellow in fall before dropping.

Cones: Reddish-brown up to 3″ standing up on the branches.

BarkAs the tree matures and the trunk becomes larger the bark develops a reddish-brown color with fissures.

Attributes:  A tree with unique foliage and appearance. It has a solf almost furry look. The shape and sparse branching of the Golden Larch, along with the nubs along the branches, give it a interesting look in the winter months. A beautiful tree that can fill in a space and give a nice show of color in the fall, enhancing the landscape.


Hardiness:  Zones 4- 7

Growing Conditions: Prefers a moist, acidic, organically rich soil in full to part sun. Protect from heavy drying winds.

Maintenance:  Very little pruning necessary. No known diseases and insect free.


Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill:  Our larch on the landscape are planted in an area with poor soil, which they tolerate. Our specimens in the nursery, planted in more optimal conditions have longer needles, and turn to fall color later. We’ve found that cone set on these trees is very sporadic year to year.