Dawn Redwood – Metasequoia glyptostroboides


General:  A grand tree at maturity, this tree will get to be 70’+ in conical form with the possibility to reach 100′.

Leaves: Long, feathery needled leaves emerge light green in the spring, turning darker green in the summer, then to turn a orange in the fall before they drop.

Cones: Small, oval light brown cones (1/2-3/4″).

BarkReddish-brown in color and sheds in long narrow strips

Attributes:  Between the delicate foliage that changes color in the fall, and the massive redwood trunk , these beautiful trees are easy to love. Unique cones and bark as well as sparse branching habit give interest to the landscape year round.


Hardiness:  Zones 4- 8.

Conditions: Prefers moist, well-drained soil in a sunny to partially shady location.

Maintenance:  Very little to no pruning is necessary. For the most part, disease and insect free.


Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill
No problems to speak of. We have a tree on the landscape that is at least 50′. A beautiful tree!

Historical Winter Data: