Katsura Tree – Cercidiphyllum japonicum


General:  The Katsura tree is native to Japan and China. It is deciduous, and can be single or multi-trunked, with a dense, rounded habit that grows generally 40-60’ tall in cultivation, but has been known to reach 100’ or more in the wild.

Leaves:  Cordate, round-oval leaves (to 4” long) looking similar to redbud, Cercis. Leaves will emerge reddish purple in the spring, then mature to a medium green with a slight bluish tinge in summer and turn gold, orange and red in fall.

Flowers:  Quite small and are red on male trees and green on female trees, appear in spring before the foliage but are not particularly showy.

Fruits: Develop as clusters of greenish pods about 3/4″ long.

Bark:  Grey and rough, providing interest in the winter months.

Attributes:  Grown for its somewhat unique foliage, and beautiful, natural shape.



Hardiness:  Zones 4- 8.

Growing Conditions: Prefers a moist, well-drained soil in a sunny to partially shady location.

Maintenance:  Very little pruning necessary. For the most part, disease and insect free.

Transplanting: Small trees seem to do fine as long as proper watering takes place for establishment. We have not yet transplanted any large specimens.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill
No problems to speak of. We have a couple large specimens on the landscape that are beautiful.