Halesia monticola- Mountain Silverbell


General: A low branching tree with a broad, rounded habit that grows 30-40’ in height with a spread of 20-35.’

Leaves: Alternate, simple and ovate 2-5” long. Dark yellowish green in the summer changing to yellow/yellow green in the fall with an early leaf drop.

Flowers: White, bell shaped ½” flowers bloom in drooping clusters of 2 to 5 on pendulous stalks up to 1”. April to early May emerging before or with the leaves.

Fruit: A 4 winged nut like dry drupe 1 1/2” long starting out green and maturing to a light brown from September through the fall.

Bark: Gray to brown to black in combinations. Ridged and furrowed with scaly plates.

Attributes:  Useful as a specimen tree as well as in a shrub border or woodland garden. A great native tree for shady habitats


Hardiness:  Zones 3-9.

Growing Conditions: Prefers rich, well drained, moist, acid, high organic matter soils. Sun or semi shade.

Maintenance:  No serious insect or disease issues. Does not require pruning.

Transplanting: Root systems of halesia are stringy and as such do not have a high success rate when balled and burlapped. Best when transplanted container grown.



Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

We have several specimen in our nursery stock that perform surprisingly well given that they are located in full sun and dry soil conditions low in organic matter. They exist naturally as an understory tree in shady habitats along side rhododendrons and other flowering evergreens in southern states. Breathtaking when in flower.




Halesia Bloom Data

YearBud BreakFull BloomBloom Drop
2020May 5May 22June 1
2021May 1May 14May 24
2022May 1May 16May 27
2023April 28May 14May 22