Koelruteria Paniculata- Golden rain Tree


General: A beautiful, dense and rounded flowering deciduous tree growing 30-40’ in height with similar spread. 

Leaves: Alternate and pinnately or binpinnately compound 6-18” long with 7- 15 coarse and irregular leaflets each. Leaves are purplish red when unfolding, bright green at maturity and golden yellow in the fall.

Flowers:  Showy yellow panicles 12 to 15” long in July.

Fruit: Papery 3 valved capsule 1-2” long changing from green to yellow and finally brown later in the fall. Seeds in the capsules are black, rounded and hard, about the size of a pea.

Attributes:  Excellent small specimen tree for the landscape in that its yellow flowering, cold hardy, has a tidy habit and yellow fall color.


Hardiness:  Zones 5-8

Growing Conditions: Adaptable to a range of soil conditions. Tolerates pollution, salt, heat and winds. Prefers full sun.

Maintenance:  No serious disease issues. Occasionally leaf spot and root rot.

Transplanting: Transplants easily.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

We have several Koelruteria on Great Hill that have provided beautiful summer color as well as fall leaf interest to the landscape. During a drought year they can begin to look untidy and tired earlier in the fall, but are otherwise good performers.



Koelruteria Bloom Data

YearBud BreakFull BloomBloom Drop
2020No Bloom
2021June 21July 6July 24
2022June 28July 11August 2
2023July 6July 14August 9