Amelanchier laevis- Serviceberry


General: Multi-stemmed small tree or large shrub with a rounded crown. Grows 15-25’.

Leaves: Alternate and simple,obovate, 1-3” long. Leaves are a grayish color when they emerge and gradually change to dark green in the summer. Fall color can vary from a yellow orange to a dark red.

Flowers: 5 petaled showy, fragrant white flowers on pendulous racemes 2-4” long emerging with the leaves in April.

Fruit: A berry like pome to 1/3” in diameter. Starts green and matures from red to purplish black in June. Fruits are sweet and enjoyed by birds and wildlife. Often used in jams, jellies and pies.

Bark: Gray and smooth with reddish fissures. Becomes rigid and scaly in old age.

Attributes:  Best when used in naturalized settings. Woodland gardens, shrub borders, near ponds and streams edges of woodlands and native plant gardens.


Hardiness:  Zones 4-9.

Growing Conditions: Prefers a well drained, moist, acidic soil and tolerates full sun or partial shade.

Maintenance:  Susceptible to rusts, leaf blight, mildews, borers, sawfly and leaf spot. Newer cultivars have been bred to resist many of these maladies.

Transplanting: Transplants well if proper cultural requirements are met.




Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

We feature Amelanchier laevis on the border of our shade garden. It is very similar to amelanchier arborea with only slight differences in leaf color, which is purple bronze when emerging, and also in leaf composition as leavis leaves are not pubescent. This tree is highly ornamental throughout the growing season and is highly adaptable to a number of soils/landscape settings.





Amelanchier Bloom Data

YearBud BreakFull BloomBloom Drop
2020April 23April 30May 10
2021April 20April 28May 6
2022April 23May 3May 14
2023April 19April 30May 6