Sweet Pepperbush- Clethra alnifolia


General: A rounded, suckering and dense shrub growing 3 to 6’  

Leaves: Glossy, dark green and serrate growing to 4” and turning shades of yellow in the fall.

Flowers: Long lasting, narrow, upright and fragrant white panicles appearing in late summer.

Fruit: Dark brown seed capsules from late fall through winter

Attributes:  Clethra is a small flowering shrub great for wet woodland areas, for use as a foundation plant or in shrub borders. It’s quick to colonize and comes into flower when few other shrubs are blooming.  



Hardiness:  Zones 3 to 9.

Growing Conditions: Prefers medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade.

Maintenance:  Remove root suckers unless colonization is desired.


Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

We’ve used clethra both in our English cottage garden as well as in a woodland area on Great Hill. Flowers are long lasting and yellow fall color gives the shrub multi-seasonal interest.