Caryopteris x clandonensis- Blue spiraea


General: A low, mounded, almost herbaceous shrub growing to 3′

LeavesOpposite, simple, narrow and ovate 1 to 2″ long. Dull blue- green in color above and a silvery color underneath. Aromatic.

Flower: Small fragrant cymes borne from the upper most leaves. Blue and resembling clouds of mist from afar. Bloom late summer to fall.

Fruit: A four valved brown capsule or wing following flower.

Attributes:  Good for grouping, massing, hedging and perennial borders. Valuable for their late season bloom.


Hardiness:  Zones 6-9.

Growing Conditions:  Medium moisture well drained soils in full sun. Intolerant of wet soils with poor drainage. Stems often die to the ground in zones 5 &6. A light early spring pruning of stems increases stem vigor and does not harm flowers as they are borne on new wood.

MaintenanceNo serious insect or disease issues other than rot in overly wet soils.

Transplanting: Easily transplanted despite small stringy root masses.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

Caryopteris incana ‘Sunshine Blue II’ graces a mixed perennial/ shrub border in our Monet garden on great hill. It is late to leaf out, but adds incredible color and fragrance to the garden in the summer and fall months, Blue flowers are long lived and unique. Benefits from light shaping in the early spring.

Cayopteris Bloom Data

YearBud BreakFull BloomBloom Drop
2022August 16September 1October 18