Burning Bush- Euonymus alatus


General: A horizontal, spreading, dense, multi-stemmed and flat topped shrub with corky winged stems growing 15 to 20’ in height and width.

Leaves: Opposite, simple and elliptic 1 to 3” long. Leaves emerge a medium to dark green in the early spring and turn brilliant shades of red in the fall.

Flower: Yellow green cymes to ¼” appear in May and are ornamentally insignificant.

Fruit: Red capsules to 1/3” long appear in September and are often hidden by the foliage. Each capsule contains orange red seeds which are sometimes visible after leaves drop adding late season interest.

Attributes:  Used as a specimen, for hedging, screening, massing and foundation planting. Due to versatility in use and ornamental qualities has been over planted and found to be invasive in many US states (including NH).  



Hardiness:  Zones 4-8

Growing Conditions:  Easily grown in average, well drained soils in full sun to part shade.

Maintenance: Twig blight and spider mites can be an issue.

Transplanting: Easily transplanted due to adaptability to conditions.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

While burning bush is currently a banned invasive in many north east states, we have several on the estate that were planted over a decade ago. Due to its adaptability and fall color it makes a nice specimen and or hedge and we hope to see sterile forms of this shrub for sale in the industry in the coming years.