Kalmia latifolia- Mountain laurel


General: Large, robust flowering evergreen shrub that’s symmetrical in its youth but becomes more open with age. Kalmias are slow growing reaching 7-15’ with a similar spread.

Leaves: Alternate, evergreen and irregularly whorled. 2-5” long, wide and leathery.

Flowers:  Vary from white, pink rose to deep rose with purple markings and appear May- June. 4-6” in diameter.

Fruit: Brown capsule persistent through the winter.
Attributes:  An excellent broadleaf flowering shrub for shady borders that naturalizes well. Can be used as an accent plant or along side other evergreens in a mixed border.


Hardiness:  Zones 4-9

Growing Conditions: Requires acid, cool, moist and well drained soil. Will tolerate full sun (with afternoon shade) to deep shade.

Maintenance:  Can be a finicky plant if soil conditions aren’t met. Incorporation of pine bark or peat rototilled 8 inches deep is reported to produce optimal soil for growing conditions.

Transplanting: Easy to transplant due to fibrous root system- ideally in cool weather months and when not in flower.

Our Experience

Experience at Great Hill

We have a number of Kalmia on the landscape from sprawling large specimens to a collection of dwarf plants. They tolerate sun and shade but are especially sensitive to soil conditions. Flowers are unique and long lasting adding a lot of interest to the landscape.


Kalmia Bloom Data 2023

Plant NameBud BreakFull BloomBloom Drop
latifolia 'Carol'May 23June 18June 28
latifolia 'Carousel'May 24June 15June 25
latifolia 'Elf'May 24June 12June 23
latifolia "Hearts Desire'May 20June 15June 28