Deciduous plants differ from evergreens in that they shed their foliage whether that be leaves or needles seasonally, usually in autumn. These woody plants display different qualities throughout the growing season.  The geographic location of the plant will influence the way these characteristics are expressed. Many of these will flower in the spring before leaves emerge. Flowers may become pollinated and fruits may begin to develop. As cooler temperatures approach, and daylight hours shorten, the leaves begin to change color and eventually drop off. While in hotter, dryer climates the shedding of leaves may be triggered by wet or dry seasons. These plants come in many different forms, sizes, and habits; as such they offer season long variety and interest to the landscape. 

We have organized our Deciduous Plant profiles based on the three types we cultivate in our landscape.

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Ornamental Trees

Flowering Shrubs

Deciduous Conifers